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Channel: ASGN '06
Video: Steve Adelson 1
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STEVE ADELSON - "Steve, your DVD carries quite a message of ease, versatility and mastery....." --Emmett Chapman

""It must really suck being you and knowing that there is probably no one more accomplished on any instrument than you....I've had the pleasure of spending much time with some of the greatest musicians ever Miles, Dizzy, Jaco, and many my friend are in that league and I look forward to hanging with you and finding out how you happened!." --Larry Hartke

"WOW! I am so proud to have played with you on this (NAMM video)-you sound amazing!!!!!Hope to play again soon!" --Danny Gottlieb

"Man, you are a real master of that stick!! Great" --Will Lee

"Hey Steve. I'm listening to you on Youtube. Man! You sound GREAT! You played your ass off on that Youtube clip." Best, ---Jeff Berlin