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TIERRA NEGRA - In the world of modern Flamenco, few artists have attained the heights of Tierra Negra. In fact, so influential are these two German guitarists that they're often cited as the protagonists of Flamenco Nuevo, the new wave. Tierra Negra may infuse their sound with elements of folklore, jazz and even pop, but the theme never strays far from the infectious rhythm and melody of Rumba-Flamenco. So particular about their sound are Leo Henrichs and Raughi Ebert, Tierra Negra's founding duo, that they've even gone so far as to design their own range of Flamenco guitars. These high-end, professional instruments are built to such exacting standards that the likes of the Gypsy Kings will play nothing else. Performing together for over a decade, Leo and Raughi have already recorded eight albums and undertaken tours that have seen them alight festivals and concerts throughout Europe and North America. Their compositions are featured on countless international guitar compilations and Hollywood used their music for the movie "THE PERFUME". There is persuasiveness in the melody - an infectious groove and genuine passion in Tierra Negra's music.

A TIERRA NEGRA live concert is a joyous, passionate and transforming experience for the audience - truly not to be missed. The CD will be available at: Record Stores: - all German and European record stores By mail order at: - - - By Mp3 download at: - iTunes - Please feel free to make a reservation or to order in advance by email: info (at) TIERRA NEGRA was found by the two German guitarist Leo Henrichs and Raughi Ebert 1997. Already in their early days of existing as a band both received an invitation by the famous canadian DJ and soundtrack composer Ramachandra Borcar a.k.a. DJ Ram ( to play a little club tour in Montreal, Canada. DJ Ram is the half brother of Raughi. Both had never heard about each other or met before they coincidentally found out in the year 1997! Ram decided to come to Germany and to meet his brother for the first time in his life. While his stay in Germany he attended several live performances of TIERRA NEGRA and invited Raughi and Leo to visit him and to play a little club tour in Montreal. Only two month later Raughi and Leo flew to Canada.

Their first show took place on the terrace of a club called "di salvio" on the Rue Saint Laurent in Montreal. Both were terribly nervous but played their asses off. Right after the show a guy came to up to Raughi and Leo and introduced himself as the junior president of madacy entertainment group, a big indiependent record companie. He said that he is willing to sign TIERRA NEGRA on his label. After meeting him for a second time contracts were negotiated and TIERRA NEGRA released only three and a half month later their debut album "furia flamenca" on the German market. Things went fast and after releasing the debut cd in several European countries, Canada and USA followed. TIERRA NEGRA returned to Canada in 1998 and 1999 to play several instore promotions at HMV and club concerts in Montreal. Their second album "para ti - flamenco nuevo" was released in 1999 in Germany and 2000 in Canada. In the same year, 2000, TIERRA NEGRA did the opening of the RAMASUTRA shows in Montreal. Their performance was very succesful and in the next year TIERRA NEGRA received an invitation to play at the FESTIVAL DE ETE DE QUEBEC. Besides their own concerts they performed together with Bob Brozman, Ganesh Anandan and DJ RAM. In the same summer TIERRA NEGRA performed for the first time at the Sedona guitar fest in Arizona. They played together with Stanley Jordan and Peppino D..Agostino. It was the same year in which Raughi and Leo invented the TIERRA NEGRA guitar and introduced it on the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2001.

The idea to create the TIERRA NEGRA guitar was an act of desperation. After looking for the right instruments to use on stage and in the studio for many years, they still hadn..t come close to what they felt was "the right" sound. Both made a list of features they expected their dream instrument to be equipped with, bought a plain ticket and flew to Spain. They went to almost every luthier and finaly found the one they have been looking for. After a short developing period the prototypes were ready to be introduced at the Musikmesse. 2002 TIERRA NEGRA decided to set up their own record company TIERRA NEGRA records and to go indie ways. It was a good decision and they released succesfully their third album "clouds in the sky". 2004 release of the fourth TIERRA NEGRA CD "turn of the tide" 2005 release of the fifth TIERRA NEGRA CD "el sonido del sur". In the same year TIERRA NEGRA signs the legendary GIPSY KINGS to become endorsers for the TIERRA NEGRA guitar. 2006 release of the sixth CD " mediterranean guitar lounge Vol 1." 2007 TIERRA NEGRA celebrates 10 years anniversary! 2007 release of the CD "the elements" 2008 release of the CD "latin guitar summer collection" You can find TIERRA NEGRA songs also on these compilations: "tabu", Narada records; "guitar greats Vol. 2", TSR records; "café del sol Vol.1", Ibiza records;"café del sol Vol.2", Ibiza records; Wave Music Vol. 5, CSR records; Wave Music Vol. 8, CSR records, "weißblau", CSR records: Movies with music of TIERRA NEGRA: "the perfume", 2001