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Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night

All Star Guitar Night is a unique, guitar-centric event bringing together talented  musicians for a night of both acoustic and electric music. The finest pickers on the planet assemble on stage to amaze standing-room-only audiences. The event typically features an acoustic and an electric set, featuring artists with household names as well as up-and-coming musicians.

While the evening celebrates the guitar and entertains audiences, it also raises money and awareness for a very important cause - music education for children. The artists donate their time and talent and the sponsors generously fund this event so that disadvantaged children can have access to instruments and music instruction in their schools.  Muriel Anderson founded the Music for Life Alliance, which is the beneficiary of the event and works with non-profits disseminating instruments, funds & research nationwide. Every event is unique and filled with memorable and unforgettable performances.

Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night originated in 1993 as an informal get-together after the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Convention and NAMM show, two simultaneous events which brought together some of the finest guitarists in the world. In an informal atmosphere, sitting around the pool playing music for each other and with each other, inevitably the best music happened. All Star Guitar Night has enjoyed resounding success in bringing that same magic in front of an audience.