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Channel: Monte Montgomery
Video: Monte Montgomery 2
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MONTE MONTGOMERY - Monte Montgomery is much more than just a world-class guitar virtuoso with more new tricks up his fretboard than your average 'guitar slinger.' What sets Monte apart from all others is that he's one of the most accomplished songwriters of our time, a remarkable singer and an extraordinary music arranger. While Monte remains a huge enigma in the guitar universe, his legendary reputation has spread like wildfire since he appeared on Austin City Limits.

ALVAREZ - In order to capture the concentrated emotion and intense energy of the anomaly that is Monte Montgomery, Alvarez developed an acoustic instrument optimized for his aggressive fingerpicking technique. Based on Monte's battered DY62C, the Yairi MMY1 features the astounding visual presence of a burled mahogany body and the remarkable responsiveness of the System 600-T MKII electronics, giving it the ability to inspire even the world's most advanced players.