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MUSIC FOR LIFE ALLIANCE - The Music For Life Alliance facilitates the efforts of individuals and organizations making music learning accessible to young people who may not otherwise be able to experience the educational, psychological, and social benefits of making music. Through awards, grants and recognition, and by creating and maintaining a national database, the Music For Life Alliance helps support and unify grassroots efforts across the country.

Over the past several years the Music for Life Alliance has promoted supporting music education for kids with its efforts and concepts that have inspired the creation and development of the very effective charities the Music for Life long Achievement and Guitars In The Classroom. The current goal of the Music For Life Alliance is to facilitate the many diverse efforts across the country to make music learning accessible to kids. By creating and maintaining a national database, the Alliance can help to unify the efforts of individuals and organizations supporting music education by providing instruments, instrument repair, music learning materials and music instruction for children who may not otherwise be able to experience the joy of making music.

Is it important for children to have the opportunity to play music and why is music so important to the very fabric of society?
Social/Academic benefits of learning an instrument
1. To express emotion
2. To instill confidence and self-esteem
3. To develop the mind *
4. To promote responsibility
5. To promote discipline
6. To promote social interaction
7. To promote cultural awareness through music
8. To promote an awareness of art as it relates to life
9. To enhance heath and healing (See ""Music and Healing"" article)
10. For the sense of accomplishment and joy of making music

Time after time, studies have shown that children who play a musical instrument do better in school. Playing music also helps to integrate the right and left brain hemispheres, and exercises the parts of the brain that control mathematics, coordination, motor skills, and intuitive thinking. This is especially crucial during the teen-age years when the brain begins to function more selectively. (See US News & World Report cover story, Aug 9, 1999. See also ""The Mozart Effect"" by Don Campbell.)

Who thinks so?
The core problem Music education budgets are nominal or nonexistent for a vast population of young people, across all demographics. Consequently, too many young people are denied the aesthetic, intellectual and inspirational rewards of discovering and embracing the language of music a primal human expression and instinct.

"" Music precedes language"" - Marcel Proust

""Life without music would be a mistake"" - Friedrich Nietzsche

Since the series of governmental cutbacks on teaching of the arts in schools, many individuals have reached out and organizations have sprung up simply because they recognize the dire need to teach music to our kids.

Here are a few of the Organizations That Are Making A Difference:
American Federation of Musicians
American Music Conference
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Gamma program
Guitars in the Classroom
International House of Blues Foundation
Modori Foundation
Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation
Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night
Music for Lifelong Achievement
Opus 118, NY
Rotary Club, Livermore CA
Sheldon Concert Hall, St. Louis MO
VH-1 Save the Music
WO Smith School of Music, Nashville

What can I do?
1. Check out the organizations listed in our database to see if there is one that you would like to support with your time, instrument donation, or financial donation. Talk to them, check their credentials and needs, and see how you can help.
2. If you have the time and the skills, you may want to start your own chapter of Music for Life long Achievement or Guitars In The Classroom or other organization listed here.
3. Do you know other eligible organizations not listed here? Help us to expand our database.

Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night benefits the Music For Life Alliance