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Channel: ASGN '09 Winter
Video: Ben Lacy
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BEN LACY - For the past few years Ben has been drawing huge crowds to the Brian Moore Guitar booth at NAMM. Thousands of awestruck conventioneers have watched him move effortlessly from Led Stevie Van Morrison, not just playing the guitar parts...playing all the parts, at the same time. Snapping and slapping nasty bass grooves, stabbing inspired chord voicings, thumping staccato drumbeats and playing sassy solo lines...all simultaneously. But this isn’t just a circus trick. It’s pure inspiration crafted with superhuman precision and Mojo to burn. Downbeat, one of the world's foremost jazz magazines for over half a century, called Lacy “a true multitasking machine.” The review in the March 2003 issue went on: “To mere mortals it might seem that there’s a twosome going at it. Lacy’s impressive technique is built upon complex slapping, hammer-ons, and rhythmically devised chord progressions.”

Modulus said, “This soft-spoken musician is possibly the most exciting thing to happen to guitar playing that we’ve heard in the last ten years.”

Download the MP3 files and see for yourself. But remember, this isn’t three people playing. This is one man making one pass on one guitar.


JAY ROBERTS - Jay Roberts was born in California and is the son of legendary jazz guitarist and world renowned educator Howard Roberts. (founder of the Guitar Institute of Technology) Although stylistically versatile with a Rock, Blues and Jazz background, his heart is found in improvising and teaching. Growing up with a very musical family, Jay found himself playing multiple instruments including Guitar, Drums and Bass, and studying extensively with his father, mentor and best friend H.R. Jay is the founder of RMI (Roberts Music Institute), an accelerated learning facility located in Seattle/Bellevue Washington. Being a music school with an emphasis on performance and student interaction, Jay is actively involve with students on a day to day basis, teaching classes, ensembles and private lessons. Jay studied both guitar and drums as a child and began teaching at age 14. Since then, as an educator, has provided well over 50,000 private and group lessons on guitar, drums, and bass. The core curriculum has always been based on the brilliant, innovative and accelerated learning techniques created by Howard Roberts. Having studied under Howard for many years, Jay still refers to HR’s reference materials for inspiration and direction.

Jay has won several electric guitar competitions, including Seattle's Best Guitarist in 1992 and 1993, sponsored by Yamaha, as well as the Jimi Hendrix National Electric Guitar Competition, sponsored by Gibson Guitars.

Performing with Joey DeFrancesco, Stanley Jordan, Eric Burden, Noel Redding, Mitch Mitchell as well as Dan Dean, Robert Damper, Clint Strong, Brendan Scanlan, Rich D'Angel, Don Mock, John Stowell, Ben Lacy and Howard Roberts, (to name a few) Jay has had the opportunity to stretch out and develope his own style.

Jay’s debut solo CD “Son of a Dirty Guitar player” features B-3 virtuoso, Joey Defransesco. This is a tribute to Howard Roberts and “HR is a Dirty Guitar player”

""Pocket Deuce,"" a guitar duo with Jay Roberts and Ben Lacy is his latest CD release. This features a blend of Jazz and Pop standards, arranged for two guitars.

Currently residing in the Seattle area, he is involved in several music performance and recording projects, including a Guitar duo with Don Mock. Jay also plays in the Jazz/Fusion quartet, “The BIG NOW, “with Robert Damper on keyboards, Dan Dean on bass and Brendan Scanlan on drums.

Jay endorses Breedlove Guitars, and can be found each year at the NAMM conference performing as a product specialist with several manufactures.

Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night benefits the Music For Life Alliance