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MARC COOPER - Coop's career has taken him all over the world performing and exciting audiences in such countries as Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Africa, Scandinavia, England, Austria, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Sweden and throughout the US and Canada. As a guitarist, vocalist, synth guitar advocate and fanatic, producer, author and respected teacher Coop has had the privilege to travel the world performing, a lot of times under the radar of recording companies and all that fanfare. Yet Coop has managed to find his way and it's been his thrill to perform with many fine players in all styles of music. In 1993 Coop was asked to head over to London England and launch the release of the Digitech 2101 guitar preamp with Steve Howe. Here they are together just before their performances held at one of the legendary studios in London where Clapton and Beck spent a bunch of time recording. Coop has performed live on stage with Joe Walsh just before he was about to get back together with the Eagles. Here Coop is on stage with Joe at Music West. (photo courtesy of Peter Patrick). He's also shared the stage with the amazing Danny Gatton, ( he was one of America's great treasures that we lost in 1994), the awesome tone meister, pick up designer Seymour Duncan, Michel Cusson (UZEB), drummers Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth/Joe Satriani), Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart/Jeff Beck), bassist Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report /Santana), Brooks Wackerman (Infectious Grooves), Pat Travers, and Canadian blues artist Rita Chiarelli.

In 1996 Coop toured the UK as a special guest on Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Fender Clinic Tour and in 1997 he toured Turkey with drummer Dom Famularo where they did TV shows in Istanbul, Ankara, Adana, Ismir, and Antalyia for an audience of 120 million people on the Euro/Sky Network! In 1999 Coop played at EuroMusic Vienna, along with Uli Jon Roth and Milan Polak and others.

As an international guitar clinician and endorsee, Coop has shared the stage with Jan Ackerman, Paul Gilbert, Rick Derringer, Jennifer Batten, Adrian Legg, Tom Bresh, Buster B. Jones, Andy Timmons, Roy Ashen, and Rik Emmett, Tommy Emmanuel and many others. At the summer NAMM show in 2003 in got to play for guitar legend Les Paul. It was certainly a thrill for Coop.

Coop received recognition by winning several awards as a guitarist and songwriter. He captured first place at the Hot Guitarist Contest at the 1994 NAMM show in Los Angeles / a finalist in the Fender Guitar Warz '89, '90 and Yamaha Guitar Warz '91. Early on he won two quarter finalist awards in the American Song Writers Festival for two of his original compositions.

In 1995 he released ""CoopDeVille: Shelter From The Storm"" to rave reviews and response. It covers the rock / blues ground that he has travelled for many years. The recording features Peter Murray on bass and Jeff Salem on drums. In 1997 Speaking In Other Tongues, this time an eclectic fusion of rock, jazz, blues, worldbeat, and Coop's ""Other World"" guitar sounds and vocals. He was hungry to venture outside of his regular turf to write and play other styles that have been swimming in his head for a long time.

Coop has also been providing many companies with his favorite presets that have appeared in: Digitech 2101 and the 2112; GNX series of modeling guitar floor pedalboards, TC Helicon VoiceLive, Powercore Tubifex and TC Thirty. He has appeared in several videos playing through Johnson amps, TC Electronic's G Major and TC Helicon's VoicePrism and the DVD on TC Electronic's G System. In 2007 and 2008 Coop finshed several Digitech videos for the Vocalist Live 2, 4, theVocalist Live Pro, and the Jam Man. Recently in 2008 Coop shot a series of new Vocalist Live 2, 4 and Pro videos that are on this cool product showcase player that is now up on this site under Sessions & Clinics. There are 5 informative videos covering everything from an overview of the products to setup proceedures to in depth tricks on how to use the matrix. Check them out.

Coop is the author of 6 guitar instructional books, CDs and cassettes for the music publishing company, ""MEoW"" (Music Education Workshop). He made his start in Toronto, Canada and those books sold throughout the country. He ran a music lesson program and had over a thousand students go through his books.

His books and jam along CDs, entitled ""The Guitar Vocabulary Series"", (Scale Vocabulary, Chord Vocabulary, Jazz Jam Along, Funk Jam Along) have sold successfully throughout 15 countries worldwide. Two of his books (Blues Jam Along and Hard Rock Jam Along book and CDs) later went to be published with Music Sales worldwide.

Here are a few selected CDs' Coop has played /or produced on:

Joey Curtin: Soundtrack for America (2008)
Patrick Curin: Unveiled (2007)

Joe's Conscience: Seppo Salminen's project
Georgian Banov: Celebration- Live from Toronto (2000)
Jeremy Sinnott : Warrior Bride; Catch the Fire 4
Ken Winton: Transformed ( double CD/ Live In California)
Dave Hunter Band : Live from River City
Philipino Philharmonic Orchestra: Heaven Is Open. This CD is with a rock band, a choir and the orchestra. There is a DVD of the concert from Manilla, Philipines.
Brian Johnson Band: Freshwind04: Extreme Passion, Extreme Pursuit. A live CD, from Toronto, to an audience of 6,000 screaming people.
Sallaberry: SambaSong and friends. Brazilian drummer, Sallaberry, recorded a jazz/ samba fusion CD entitled, SambaSong & Friends. (2006)
Compilation of Worship: Shine Like Stars. Coop co-produced this eclectic CD of several new songwriters... he also played several of the instruments on this recording.
Coop has previously studied guitar and music theory with:

Pat Martino
Mick Goodricd
Steve Morse
Tommy Tedesco
Robben Ford
Joe Diorio
Joe Pass
Ron Eschete
Don Mock
Keith Wyatt
Steve Travato
Howard Roberts at the school, G.I.T.
Coop is featured in several music and guitar magazines throughout the world such as:

Canadian Musician
CMT (Canadian Music Trade)
Guitar & Bass (France)
Soundcheck (Germany)
Music Maker (Nederlands)
Proaudio Show (Spain)
Guitare & Clavier (France)
Music Shop (Argentina)
Planet Music (Austria) To name a few.

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