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Channel: ASGN '08
Video: Andreas Oberg
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ANDREAS OBERG - At the age of 18, Andreas made a name for himself on the vibrant Swedish jazz scene performing with many of Sweden's top jazz artists and was admitted to the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm. Andreas plays mainstream jazz, modern jazz and gypsy swing. His playing has impressed jazz listeners all over the world with his energy, swing and technique.

EARTHWORKS - Was formed by David Blackmer, the brilliant inventor and founder of dbx, where he invented new technologies in VCAs and true RMS detectors for companders and compressors. At Earthworks his passion focused on inventing new technologies for microphones, preamplifiers and monitor speakers. These new advanced, patented technologies provide Earthworks with the ability to manufacture the "next generation" of professional audio products that will significantly outperform any other quality professional audio equipment on the market.