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Channel: ASGN '08
Video: Nick Sterling
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NICK STERLING - Nick had his first release at the age of ten, titled Ten, and has performed hundreds of shows, developed an amazing stage presence, and raised his guitar playing to the level that many have called virtuoso. He also plays drums, bass, upright bass, keyboards, and cello all at a performance level to rival many studio musicians.

EMINENCE - In 1966, after working as an engineer for Magnavox and Chicago Telephone Supply, Bob Gault founded Eminence, today the world's largest loudspeaker manufacturing company. Ironically, Gault started Eminence hoping to maintain three 18" speakers per day, based on a commitment from Ampeg's Everett Hull. Under the leadership of Gault and most recently his son, Rob, the company's capacity has grown to over 10,000 speakers per day, employing nearly 200 people.