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Channel: ASGN '08
Video: Rusty Cooley
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RUSTY COOLEY - Rusty received his first guitar on his 15th birthday and never looked back. He was given the honor of the '7th Fastest Shredder of all Time' in Guitar One Magazine. Rusty now teaches an online music class called 'Modes Gone Wild' and writes a column for Guitar Player magazine called 'Metal Guru.' He has been featured in Guitar Player, Guitar One, Guitar World, Guitar 2001, Total Guitar, Guitar Techniques and Axe magazine.

EMG PICKUPS - EMG's new 707TW has dual internal preamps (one tuned for single-coil mode and the other for dual-coil mode) which give the 707TW two distinct sounds. The 707TW Active Pickup delivers the clearest, fattest low end you've ever felt from a guitar pickup. When asked about the new 707TW, Rusty Cooley had this to say; "In my opinion EMG is the holy grail of tone, I've tried the competition and they just didn't make the grade. The new 707TW cuts with a definition and clarity that no other manufacturer can match. Hands down, EMG produces the ONLY pickups for high-gain head banging licks."