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Channel: ASGN '08
Video: Stu Hamm
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STU HAMM - Stu Hamm has firmly established himself as one of the foremost technical masters of the bass guitar, and his performances with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and the all-bass show BX3 have wowed audiences all over the world. It was playing live on tour with Satriani that brought Hamm's skills to national attention, along with subsequent recordings with Satriani and other rock/fusion artists.

HARTKE - HyDrive transducers represent a revolutionary improvement in bass speaker technology and a major leap forward, fusing paper and aluminum in a roadworthy speaker design that is more robust and efficient than anything available. Players get the best of both worlds: the warm tone of traditional paper cones and the clear, punchy attack of aluminum. HyDrive's patented Hybrid Cone Technology produces warm, deep low frequencies with mids and highs that cut, yet still remain sweet.